8 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It's ok, laugh at me!
It’s ok, laugh at me!
  1. My middle name is Cay because my parents thought the letter C was a good middle initial.  My sister’s middle name rhymes with mine.
  2. In 1987 I received a commendation from the U.S. Army from my work there as a civilian.  I collected evidence of fraudulent welding practices on tanks that were later used in Iraq.   We used a cobalt source to see into the metal without destroying it.  Yes, it was radioactive and I can’t believe I did that. Don’t tell my mom!
  3. I’m still afraid of the dark and have nightlights throughout my house.
  4. I went to college at age 16 and graduated with a B.S. at age 20.  I  have no ego about being smart since I have a good friend who graduated at age 19 with a double major in electrical engineering and computer science. Oh, she also flies helicopters.   She’s way more impressive than me.
  5. Both my sister and I went to Clarkson University which was only open to men a few years before we started.  All 5 of our children also graduated from there and it was their decision, not ours.
  6. While growing up, I spent most summers camping on the islands of Lake George in New York State.
  7. I’m among 2% of people who see numbers in color in my head.  It’s a type of synesthesia.  They look like this to me 1234567890.  Each number always shows up as the same color. I share this trait with novelist Vladimir Nabokov, physicist Richard Feynman, and composer Franz Liszt.
  8. I’ve done yoga continuously since 1989 right through all my pregnancies.  When I first told my parents about it, they thought I had joined a cult.

5 Things You Probably Know About Me

  1. I live on the Fabulous Farmette with my husband Mike, cats, and chickens.
  2. Between Mike and I, we have six children who have all flown the coop.
  3. I’ve been a massage therapist  for more than two decades.
  4.  In a previous career as a technical writer, I wrote computer manuals and very basic programs in, you guessed it, the Basic programming language.
  5. I enjoy sharing my stories and hearing stories from other people.  My aim is to help us all look back on our lives and laugh.