My Dad’s Wisdom

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I’m the cute one in the hoodie.

Bob is my Dad.   He taught me how to wash a car, change a tire, pound nails, and make homemade wine.  Yet one of the best things he taught were his no-nonsense lessons about money management.  He was a music teacher so his nature was to explain things.  He just told me what he was doing while we ran errands.

I started this blog because my memory is bad.  I can’t just explain things once to my kids since they’re no longer all living in my home. Now, with the big money lessons, I have to remember who I told or even what the lesson is.  I just write it all down and when my kids need help, I send them to the blog.  Well, really, I tell them to read my blog, they probably don’t, then maybe someone else tells them to read the blog and then they might since the messenger isn’t Mom.  You know how that works.  Hopefully, other people can also benefit from my Dad’s Wisdom.

Bob and Mary Frank’s 40th anniversary.

There’s a half year of health class required in my kids’ high school.  Why isn’t there at least a half year on financial education?  It’s crucial to running a household, starting a business, and just plain living a great life.  It’s not important how much you make either.  It’s about what money stays in your pocket.  I was lucky enough to have a dad who showed me how to manage money.  I’d like to pass his ideas on to you.