I need more time daydreaming and drifting off topic. Do you?
I need more bird song, dragonflies, and steadily bloating frogs as they fill their bellies with insects day after day.
I need more tolerance for cold, wet weather so I learn what the birds have to say about snow.
What do you need more of in your life?
I need more risk of the virus by hugging my mom whenever I see her now. I need to use a word stronger than "need."
I need more heartbreak when I call my daughter and she's just not in the mood for me.
I need more struggle wondering how to be a good mom because the fact that I worry is what will make me a good mom.
I need more conversations with writers who wow me with their talent and sweetness.
I need to absorb more fully that these angels I admire are also kind and supportive of me.
I guess I also need to recognize more of my own talent and sweetness. Or, I can wait for the vaccine against low self-esteem.
I need to make myself sit in the chair, shut up, and write more often.
I need, no, I desperately need to release all the words that built up while I've been on my best behavior in front of others.
Goddammit, I need to let fly with all my inappropriate and uncomfortable words. Someone might need to hear them as much as I need to say them.
I need more courage to be the real me, not the cardboard copy I hold up that looks like me that has brushed her hair and teeth every day.
I need to be smelly occasionally, like a sauerkraut that hasn't finished fermenting and is covered with a foul foam.
I need more patience to complete each creative process and see if the result should be tossed in the bin, or presented on a pedestal.
I need to remember some ugly ducklings are merely swans having a bad hair day.
I need more food that is both healthy and indulgent. I don't think it exists, yet I'll keep looking for all our sakes.
I will always and forever want more and more and more chocolate. But, I only need a little bit.
I need more vegetables and herbs. Don't we all? I need to know why it's so hard to do what is good for us.  Do you know why?
I need to allow you the freedom to stop reading after the first line, or the second.
I really want you to reach the end, pausing to smile and nod in understanding.
I just need to say what I need to say and touch at least one heart. Then, I won't need anything any more.